Whenever a shotgun or firearm transfers from one owner to another, including to and from dealers, the proper authorities must be informed within seven (7) days of the date of the transaction. The state of Oklahoma prohibits the sale, gifting or transfer of firearms to any convicted felon, adjudicated delinquent, or any individual who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs or is mentally or emotionally unbalanced or disturbed. The paperwork can be time consuming, but Sports World tries to make it as easy as possible.

As you might imagine, we receive several transfers a day, so we ask that you give us 24 hours to check your firearm in.


Make sure the invoice shows the item is being SOLD TO: YOU and shipped to: SPORTS WORLD. Since Oklahoma is a “Use Tax” state, you are responsible for paying state and city sales taxes on the purchase of a firearm.

Customer Information


Gun Transfers run $30 Per Item and Stripped AR Lowers run $25 Per Item
Class 3 Transfers are $100 + all other Items Needed (Kiosk, Tax Stamp and Processing)
Dealer and/or Individual must provide copy of their License for Transfer to be completed