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  • Essential Skills: Rounding Corners and Using Obstacles December 13, 2018
    There are principles of using cover and moving “tactically” around environmental objects that are an important part of the skill set for armed citizens. Much of it may be integral actually to fight with a gun, but these skills also tend to be simple safety measures that can you can incorporate into daily life. We […]
  • The FAST: An Efficient Test of Your Shooting Skills December 11, 2018
    About 2008-ish, I stumbled upon Todd Green at I didn’t really know the guy, but he had a pretty cool blog, I liked what he wrote, and I knew he shot a gun way better than I did. The “drills” section of his blog was a treasure trove of drills and tests. When I first […]
  • Making the Switch: Doing AIWB Right December 7, 2018
    Appendix Inside the Waistband (AIWB) is in many ways the “trendy” way to carry a gun these days. It isn’t anything new but is definitely what all the cool kids do right now. There are a lot of reasons for AIWB being so popular, some reasons better than others. For me, initially, it was the […]
  • Holsters For The Handicapped December 6, 2018
    One of the most significant challenges that someone with a disability can face is to defend themselves against an attacker. The reason this is a significant challenge isn’t just because those with serious disabilities are at an obvious disadvantage, but because they are also often targeted by criminals due to their vulnerabilities as well. Obviously […]
  • Stand Like You Fight: Thoughts on Shooting Stance December 5, 2018
    As a shooting instructor, I encounter a very common question: how should I stand when I shoot? Weaver? Isosceles? Any particular variation thereof? Well, as a default “shooting stance” to learn as a new shooter, modern isosceles proves the most functional and intuitive. That does not mean that Weaver is not functional, because it is, […]
  • JM Custom Kydex AIWB Holster Review December 4, 2018
    To say that there are a lot of holster makers in the market today is an understatement of nearly epic proportions. For a holster maker to set themselves apart means not only a high build quality but understanding what makes a holster work well and building those features into the design. It is the feature […]
  • Blue Force Gear ULTRAcomp Pocket Holster Review December 3, 2018
    If you know the Blue Force Gear name, it is probably because they make stuff like the Vickers Sling and Ten Speed pouches among their other “tactical” products. Pocket holsters are without question almost as “untactical” as something can be, but Blue Force Gear makes one of those too. The pocket holster is made out […]
  • Test Your Carry Holster for Safety and Reliability November 30, 2018
    Surprisingly, a lot of people who carry a gun give their holster little thought. The holster that you use to carry a handgun on the body is as important a consideration as the gun itself. The holster is a vital component in your ability to safely carry and efficiently deploy the gun. Based on the […]
  • The 99 Drill – When What You Really Want To Do Is Practice November 29, 2018
    Most drills require a handful or two of bullets and only last a few seconds. Standing on their own, they typically do not make good practice sessions in and of themselves. To create a book practice session, we have to string at least a few drills together, and typically shoot multiple reps on each. There […]
  • Crossbreed’s Pocket Rocket and Gideon Magazine Pouch Review November 28, 2018
    Crossbreed is nearly synonymous with the hybrid holster, a combination of a kydex shell with a leather backing. There are a lot of players in that game now, but only a few have been in it longer than Crossbreed. Applying that same design concept to a pocket holster can have some advantages, but it may […]
  • Handguns On Board Boats: Federal, State, & International Considerations November 27, 2018
    Well, you are excited about taking your boat through the beautiful waters off the U.S. coast from your home state, other U.S. states’ waters, and then on an international travel adventure to visit other countries, foreign waters, and their ports. But, you are aware of the modern-day pirates (without eye patches) roaming the seas, especially […]
  • Cyber Monday Firearm & Gear Deals (2018 Edition) November 26, 2018
    If you are like me, then you had no urge to be part of the crowds for all the Black Friday Deals. I do most of my Christmas Shopping between Black Friday and Cyber Monday but do so in the confines of my home behind my computer. One of the many things I’ve picked up […]
  • Defending the Second Amendment: An Action Plan November 19, 2018
    I often tell folks in the firearms community that we fight two fights. First, we should train and prepare for a physical fight in which we may be pressed into defending ourselves and our loved ones should we face violence. But we also need to be actively fighting a political and social fight to preserve […]
  • Concealed Carry Challenge Quiz November 9, 2018
    Here is a short multiple-choice/true-false quiz about Concealed Carry and the various U.S. states, as of November 1, 2018, to challenge and inform you. For each of the 15 questions below, please select the letter of the best multiple choice answer or select “yes” or “no” from the choices given below the question. Answers are […]
  • Train with One Gun: Familiarity Maximizes Performance November 5, 2018
    Most enthusiasts of crafts that involve a reliance on gear tend to become focused on the toys. Musicians can spend hours talking about the instruments and amplifiers they use; golfers can spend hours talking about their favorite driver. Shooters are no different. Such gear fascination provides a great deal of entertainment for all involved, but […]