Sports World carries the world's best gun brands and more

Yes, Sports World carries the world’s best gun brands. Everyone knows we have Winchester, Remington, GLOCK, Sig Sauer, Colt, Kimber and more. But living up to the name Hunting Headquarters means we also carry the biggest brands of scopes and optics, gun safes and vaults, ammo, knives, firearms accessories and outdoor products. That’s because we’ve spent decades building strong relationships with the world’s best gun brands, as well as the best outdoor sporting manufacturers. These bonds give you a huge variety of firearms – from hunting rifles and related accessories, to handguns and tactical firearms for personal use and home defense, to competitive shooting firearms. You won’t find a better selection or  greater value than Sports World.

Top-brand knives at the best prices

Stop by Sports World and talk with our experts about the knife you’ve always wanted. Our large selection of knives includes the top brands in the industry. We also have cases, a comprehensive selection of sharpeners and other specialty items.

Huge selection of the best scopes and optics

We carry a large selection of premium brand optics in stock at competitive pricing–at Sports World, you’ll find sights, night vision optics, carrying cases, bipods, magazines, red dot optics, lights, bayonets and so much more. We have a wide variety of accessories for all types of firearms.

We carry the most reputable safe brands

If you’re going to own the best firearms and knives in the world, you need the world’s best protection. Sports World carries the most reputable names in vaults and safes to keep your firearms secure, and your valuables and precious documents safe from criminals and fire.

Suppressors for every firearm style

Sports World is a licensed seller of Class III Suppressors and carries a large selection from the best brands. Let us walk you through the the buying and registration process for your new suppressor. 

Tulsa's best flashlight brands

If you need to keep your food safe out on the hunt...

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