Jim Prall, Owner

The fact that Jim Prall is a legendary hall of fame skeet shooter yet has very little footprint in the digital world of today, tells you a lot about Jim Prall. Go ahead and Google him. You’ll see plenty of mention of him in online forums. His name pops up plenty of times in record books, but you see very little from Jim himself. Inducted into the National Skeet Shooting Association in 1979, the Connecticut Skeet Hall of Fame in 1983, the Oklahoma State Skeet Association in 1985, and the owner of countless world records and titles, “Jimmy” was the youngest-ever person to shoot a straight 100 in skeet at the tender age of 9. He may still hold that record. Prall is also a third-generation representative for Remington Arms, with family ties that date all the way back to the days of mules and wagons. Jim followed his father and grandfather into a decades-long relationship with the legendary American arms manufacturer. While Jim Prall humbly passes on credit for a great many accomplishments, it’s hard to get away from the fact that he and his wife, Tollie, built Sports World into the 16,000-foot empire it is today. They raised their sons, Kevin and David, in the aisles of each store since they purchased the original in 1976. The Prall family’s Sports World successes have been featured in numerous news stories through the years. But Jim is rarely quoted. This blurb may be all you’ll find online about a man who quietly continues to accumulate accomplishments.
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