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Changes to social media Community Guidelines have limited Sports World Tulsa‘s ability to stay in touch with our customers. Our ability to share our specials and new products via Facebook, Instagram or other Big Tech avenues changes all the time, so be sure to mark this page as a favorite.

We have plenty of gear in addition to firearms and ammunition, so be sure to like  Go to Sports World on Facebookour Facebook page to keep up with the latest outdoor sporting products, services and deals.

Sports World is also your source for the latest developments U.S. news related to the Second Amendment and gun control, which threatens big changes in coming days.

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Sports World New Arrivals and Specials

New Arrivals

Hump Day Arrivals!

A great little surprise for Wednesday morning from Sports World’s ammo distributors. Be sure to sign up for alerts about our daily deliveries below!

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Powder Delivery

New Arrival of Reloading Powder has arrived at Sports World Tulsa. Be first to check out all our latest deliveries by signing up below!

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Great start to a new week!

Mondays aren’t so bad when they start off with new arrivals like these. Custom long guns, handguns, powder and more at Sports World Tulsa.

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Latest Second Amendment News

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