Sports World is proud to carry the wildly popular Kershaw brand of knives and gear.

If you’ve ever owned a Kershaw, you know what a great value you’re getting for your money. A Kershaw in your pocket is a solid investment at $20 to $30 or $75. The solid design and materials are backed up by award-winning technologies and a lifetime limited warranty.

That’s why we see Kershaw owners coming back, time and again. Since a Kershaw knife can last a lifetime, they’re usually coming back to add to their collection or replace one that got left behind on a hunt or camping trip.

Whether you’re looking to cut up plastic packaging, open a box or gut a fish or deer, a Kershaw will never let you down. In addition to outdoor sports like camping, hunting, fishing or water sports, they’re perfect for tactical use you can carry in a pocket or purse.

Since 1974, Kershaw has been selling quality knives and tools hunters and outdoor enthusiasts would be proud to own. They were the first knife manufacturers to feature the SpeedSafe assisted opening knife. They also pioneered the concept of knives with interchangeable blades. Kershaw’s most recent innovation – Composite Blade technology – combines two steels into one blade, giving their customers the best-of-both-worlds combination of edge retention and strength.

Whether a hardworking hunting knife, a pocketknife or a collectors’ edition knife, Kershaw’s intensive craftsmanship and high quality standards always shine through.

So, if you’re a return Kershaw customer, welcome back! If it’s your first time to purchase a Kershaw, you’ve made a wise choice. Kershaw is evolving and innovating all the time, so we look forward to seeing you for your next Kershaw knife!

If this is your first Kershaw, be prepared. You just may be back for more. If it’s not your first Kershaw, welcome back. We’ve got some cool new blades to show you—along with a wide selection of your favorites. For design, innovation, quality, and genuine pride of ownership, Kershaw is the one.

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