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If you’re searching for where to buy a safe to secure your firearms and other valuables, you’ve come to the right place. Sports World is the original Liberty Safe Room of Tulsa. That means you’re going to find the highest level of expertise, as well as the best prices on Liberty Safes, right here at Tulsa’s original Liberty Safe dealer.

Very few purchases in life turn out to be “forever” investments. Count on a Liberty Safe to be an exception. Proudly made in America, Liberty Safe was founded in 1988 on the principles of innovation and quality. Liberty backs up its superior fire protection, exquisite styling and exceptional security with a limited lifetime replacement warranty on every safe.

You put a lot of thought into where to buy a safe, so you need an experienced dealer you can trust. Sports World has catered to hunters and firearms enthusiasts since 1976. Our experts know their business, so you know their advice comes from years of experience.

Sports World carries a huge variety of gun safes and vaults. Our quality brands come with the highest fire ratings in the industry. If you’re satisfied with between 30 and 60 minutes of fire protection, check out Liberty’s Centurion, USA, Colonial or 1776. For even longer fire protection, consider the Franklin, Lincoln, Modern Lincoln or Presidential. They offer between 75 minutes and 2-and-a-half hours of fire protection!

A quality home or gun safe can be a once-in-a-lifetime purchase. The last thing you want is to install your safe, only to realize you needed more room! It’s easy to be baffled by all the choices, but not all safes are the same. There’s a “right safe” for you! To help you decide what you need, Liberty offers “Which Safe is Right for You?”

Installing a gun safe can be a major undertaking. You may need help with planning, measuring and anchoring your new safe. Johnny Tate has been helping Sports World customers for years. Give him a call to schedule your safe installation. (918) 640-2691.

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