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Kershaw knives at Sports World

Sports World is proud to carry the wildly popular Kershaw brand of knives and gear. If you’ve ever owned a Kershaw, you know what a great value you’re getting for your money. A Kershaw in your pocket is a solid investment at $20 to $30 or $75. The solid design and materials are backed up […]

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GLOCK, Ruger, Kimber, Smith and Wesson, Remingon. These are just a few of the world’s most famous brands of firearms we carry at Sports World. They’re just a few of the reasons you call us your Hunting Headquarters. Whether you’re searching for your first gun or you’re adding to an impressive collection, you simply won’t […]

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Sports World offers a huge variety of the best flashlights to keep you safe in the dark. Whether you’re hunting, backpacking, camping or just waiting for the electricity to kick back on, our high-quality brands represent the  best flashlights on the market. SHOP ONLINE NOW Some of our flashlight brands Streamlight Surefire Cyclops UST (Ultimte […]

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