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  • Top Compact 9mm Pistols Under $300 April 17, 2019
    Recently, I wrote an article about my best 9mm pistols and almost all of them were priced at least $500 and up. The same applies to most of my top carry guns analyzed in the second edition of my handguns book. No pistols in either list cost less than $400. Well, several folks, including several […]
  • Shotguns Are Better For Home Defense Than Rifles For Most People April 16, 2019
    Yes, an AR or AK can certainly defend against threats, but shotguns are better for home defense. In fact, shotguns are the best long gun in terms of what you can do with one for the most part. If you only had one long gun, a scattergun is probably the better choice. This doesn’t mean […]
  • The Pinnacle of Concealment Speedloader Pouches: JOX Loader Pouches April 11, 2019
    With revolvers intended for concealed carry, there are a few different ways to prepackage ammunition for reloading. The two most common are speed strips, usually what gets paired with smaller revolvers, and speed loaders. Speed loaders are faster than speed strips, but also difficult to carry because they are bulky. Carrying a speedloader in a […]
  • Shooting Performance Defensive Handgun Skills Test April 10, 2019
    There are all sorts of shooting test and drills out there in the world. Different law enforcement qualification courses, qualification courses used by carious independent training organizations, drills that have been around for years, or even decades, with known standards, and new drills being created probably more frequently than any of us realize. When we […]
  • Can you Fix Your Gun? An Argument for Popular Firearm Platforms April 9, 2019
    I have a standard that I require from my primary defensive weapons. If I can’t fix it on my own, then I don’t use it. I use a variety of guns for hunting and recreational purposes. But I utilize only platforms that I can entirely support on my own for my defensive weaponry. I hate […]
  • Concealed Carrier Defends Himself While Trying to Purchase a Playstation April 8, 2019
    We have said it before and will say it again. Be careful when purchasing goods in-person from people you don’t know. While you may have nothing but good intentions, you have something the other person wants, whether that is money or the item. And this is the perfect way for criminals to set people up […]
  • Walther CCP M2 Review: A Cheap Concealed Carry Option? April 8, 2019
    Walther Arms’ CCP M2 (CCP – Concealed Carry Pistol) (M2 – Model with American-style magazine release button) is promoted as a striker-fired semi-automatic pistol with a fine trigger and ergonomics which is value-priced. Some say the trigger and ergonomics are the best now for a striker-fired handgun. In the past, I have reviewed the PPQ […]
  • Who Should Know that You Carry Concealed? April 5, 2019
    For those of us that go armed daily, concealed carry is a significant part of our lifestyle. As such, those who are closest to us, like our immediate family members, will know that we do so. Beyond our very closest relatives, however, who should know that we carry concealed? This can be a rather complicated […]
  • SHTF Guns – If You Can Only Have One? April 4, 2019
    What is the one gun to have in an SHTF scenario if you could only have one? And perhaps just as importantly, what is the point to asking this question to begin with? Even though no one gun can be used for everything, it may very well be that you’ll only have one gun in […]
  • Self-Defense Weapons for Real Estate Agents April 3, 2019
    I learned firsthand about the inherent dangers faced daily by real estate professionals, due to the very nature of their jobs. For several years, I was a licensed Texas real estate agent, discovered some dangerous Realtor situations, and learned from the college real estate principles and law I taught. I want to share my real […]
  • Concealed Carry Ammunition: 5 Key Features April 2, 2019
    We, as gun people, at least most of us reading this probably, will spend a lot of time researching and contemplating what type of gun we want to carry, and what features we want it to have. However, a defensive firearm is really a two-part system. There is the gun, and then the ammunition we […]
  • Conditions of Ready – How to Store Home Defense Weapons April 1, 2019
    There has been, and remains, a debate that occasionally crops up among certain folks in the gun world concerning the viability of carrying a concealed handgun with nothing in the chamber. The entire population of those in the know clearly land on one side of the argument: if you carry a handgun without a round […]
  • LAPD Wants to Terminate Valid CCW Licenses March 29, 2019
    It is well known that it can be difficult or downright impossible to get a concealed carry permit in some counties of California. Being one of the few “May Issue’ states, it is up to the local Sherriff or police chief to decide if they will accept your “good cause” statement and issue you California License […]
  • Stop Carrying Concealed with an Empty Chamber! March 27, 2019
    It still amazes me that there are still people that concealed carry without a round in the chamber. While you can find a plethora of discussions online debating whether you should or should not carry concealed with a round in the chamber, I still come across people in real-life from time to time that carry with […]
  • Don’t Try to Rob a Concealed Carrier’s Car March 26, 2019
    PSA To All Criminals: You might not want to rob cars with people sitting in them. You might get more than you bargained for. That’s what happened last night in Rockford, IL around 11:30 PM. The “victim” was sitting in his car when Otis Childress decided to hop into the passenger seat and start going through […]